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RIGHT My College Application Essay

Yes, grades and test scores are important, but the college application essay is the one element where students have complete control to separate themselves from other applicants in an insanely competitive process.

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Beyond the "five-point, hamburger" essay

Unlike the essays you learned to write in high school, the college application essay BEGINS and ENDS with YOU. Which means you’re going to be writing in the first person, using a rhetorical mode you might be largely unfamiliar with. The Essay Cure builds on what you already know and shows you how to take academic writing to the next level — because, COLLEGE. What if you get in?

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ESSAY CURE bridges the gap between high school English Lit and academic writing at the undergraduate level, starting with the college application essay.

And we do it in a way that demystifies the process, setting you up for academic writing at the undergraduate level.

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Don't just take our word for it

Here's what some of our students have to say:

" I wanted to let you know that last night I was admitted into the University of Washington!!! I want to thank you for everything you did to help me reach my goal. I ended up getting into every school I applied to! Thanks again, "

Tim Radosevich
High School Senior, 2018

" So, I was one of those students who put all of her eggs into one basket. I knew I wanted to go to the UO, and it was the only school I applied to. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my entire college application essay was built around a “phrasal verb.” I had no idea what that even meant but by the end of the process, I was confident that at least I was using a phrasal verb correctly! 🙂 Go Ducks! "

Darian Breshears
High School Senior, 2018

"Thank you! I've been admitted to all the colleges I've heard back from so far: Georgia Tech, Cornell, Clemson with $20K/year in merit, UVA, Wesleyan College with $15K/year in merit, and WashU. Essay Cure helped make the college process much less stressful. "

Elizabeth Becker
High School Senior, 2019

"Hi there, I’m super happy to inform you that I ended up getting accepted! I honestly have never had the sort of support that I received from you, and it was amazing. I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity and for all your help. Thank you so much, "

Angelina Hernandez
High School Senior, 2019

"This was super helpful! I sent my essay to Mrs. Gacharna and the feedback was extremely constructive and helpful. And I got an A! Thank you essaypalooza!"

Kyle Hilss
Virginia Tech Student, 2018

"Hello!! I was accepted into Virginia Tech and I will be attending this upcoming fall!! I am super excited and it was my first choice. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help."

Rachel Stromberg
High School Senior, 2019

"I just received an acceptance letter from the University of Washington. I just wanted to thank you again for all of the time you put into my personal statements and bringing them up to the standards of competitive universities. My writing skills improved throughout the process in almost all areas. I couldn’t have done any of this without you! Thank you,"

Camden Ryder
High School Senior, 2019

"My essay is now so much better than when we first started. At first, I really didn't know what to incorporate into my essay; some things l went too far into detail on and some things I needed to elaborate more on. Showing me the places in my essay where I needed to "show" more than "tell" definitely helped me the most. Also, adding comments on my punctuation helped so much as I struggle a bit when it comes to that!"

Helen Smith
High School Senior, 2019

"essaypalooza! strengthens a critical part of the college application — the essay! Her fun, easy-to-follow approach helps students relax, stay focused and create an essay that will express their strengths and uniqueness. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing Christine has their backs! Thank you so much!"

Marnie Becker

"Christine helped a ton with my college essay. Going in, I had a vague understanding of how a well-crafted college app essay should be written and Christine was there to guide me. She really wanted me to feel confident about writing and her advice always seemed to be focused on quality writing. In the end, I got into my top choice, U.S. Air Force Academy!"

Nathan Pak
High School Senior, 2019

"I highly recommend using Christine's expertise to help your child write his/her college essays. Christine provided assistance to my daughter when she was writing her personal essay for her application to the University of Oregon.  Christine first made personal connections with Darian to make her feel safe and know that her work and ideas mattered.  Christine provided strategies that Darian could use in all types of writing.  Most importantly she gave Darian specific feedback on all aspects of the essay.   Through the revision and editing process, Darian was able to improve her essay and still keep her voice present throughout it all."

Jodi Breshears

"Thank you for all the help with Tim's essays. He was so proud of the end result and we couldn't have gotten there without you. I so appreciate it."

Teresa Wirth Radosevich

"Hello Mrs. Christine, I am reaching out to thank you for helping me write my college essays. I have just been accepted into UVA and am very grateful for all that you have done to make me a better writer. Thank you so much, Jonathan"

Jonathan Morgan
High School Senior, 2020

"“Going into my senior year, I didn't know what I wanted to write about, and I felt a lot of pressure around the Common App essay in particular because colleges kept emphasizing how important it was for admission, and the prompts were really lofty. The most I had done with essay writing was the five paragraph "AP Lit" essay, and I quickly found that that approach wasn't going to cut it for my college essay. It was hard to decide what to write about because I'd read a bunch of examples of college essays online (like "Examples of College Essays that Worked"), and I didn't know how I would even go about writing an essay like that.

You made the process so much easier by helping me brainstorm and write an essay that made my application more personal to me. It even turned out that my Common App essay was one of the strongest parts of my application. Showing you ideas for drafts and running drafts by you was enormously helpful for me because it gave me an honest, expert opinion from someone with a lot of insight into the perspective of college admissions officers.

The most helpful part for me was the process we went through. First, I would show you a draft. If it was on the right track, you would point out directions I could take it or encourage me to do some more thinking and get back to you. I went through a lot of drafts, but even though this sounds like a lot of work, I was actually felt very relaxed and on-target about it. Overall, Essay Cure definitely made the college process a lot easier and less stressful to navigate.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Essay Cure to a friend.

Thanks again, Christine.”"

Elizabeth Becker

Because, COLLEGE!

College entry is extremely competitive and applicants need to do everything in their power to make their application stand out in a sea of qualified candidates. Your entry essay is THE most important key for unlocking your place at the college of your choice.

Private Schools

In 2019, Northwestern University received 40,577 applications; 3,611 were offered admission. 

State Schools

Meanwhile, 44,784 hopefuls applied to UNC Chapel Hill, & 24,474 to the University of Oregon.

Elite Schools

13 percent of Early Decision Applicants were waitlisted at UVA.

At Stanford, the 2019 acceptance rate was 4.3 percent. 


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